About us


We were founded in 1872 as "The Philadelphia Camp Meeting and Excursion Society of the Methodist-Episcopal Church." 

This photo is of our main road, with the two girls standing at where it veers off into what we refer to as the Upper Grove Road.

We grew very fast, with 17,915 people attending a daytime excursion in our first year of operation, when

742 children were brought by Philadelphia's John Wannamaker, who then presided as Sunday School Superintendant

for the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.  For more interesting insights, click on our history page.



We later incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization known as "Chester Heights Camp Meeting Association (CHCMA) on about 31 acres.  This is us, today.



Our members vote at our annual meeting, to elect 10 members to our Board of Managers who govern our association. Seven board members are laypeople who must own cottages, and 3 are clergy members, who are pastors.  All are unpaid volunteers.  


Jeanne Shambo


Vice President

Rev. Ethel F. Guy


Elaine Bolieau



Jeanne Shambo


Finance Director
Dan Yashin



Grounds Chairman
Jim Newby



Rev. Reid Stroud



Real Estate Secretary

Jerry Trolio



Rev. Jack Taylor




William Keller



Spiritual Director

Rev. Ethel F. Guy



Our cottagers officially meet annually to hear reports from our Board of Managers and to conduct other necessary business.  Our cottage annual assessment is voted on during this meeting, and that revenue, plus memorials, donations and love offerings from our concerts and events, fund the entire annual cost of running our camp meeting.

Volunteer help is vital. Our regular Saturday Preservation Work Crew maintains our grounds and buildings to the best of their ability, as our existing manpower allows.


We also receive help from youth groups who use our facility for mission training.  Church and church youth groups are welcome to help, please contact us.


Map and Directions:  For a map of our location click here, then click on directions on the Google Map page for directions from your location.