Seasonal Retreat Victorian Cottages For Sale

Chester Heights Campmeeting has a few seasonal Victorian retreat cottages for sale.

Cottage # 4     $12,000.00

Cottage # 6     $  8,000.00

Cottage # 11   $10,000.00

Cottage # 13   $  8,000.00

Cottage # 15   $15,000.00

Cottage # 20   $13,500.00

Cottage # 22   $13,500.00

Cottage # 25   $12,000.00


There is no dispute; these cottages are historic, over 100 years old and nestled in 31 acres of mostly wooded land.  Deer roam freely, and, more often then not, you can hear a pin drop on the ground.  It's a retreat of solitude and quiet in the country, in a village of charming Victorian single cottages. Many claim that, after they have been here, they feel closer to God; others feel that campmeeting is God's footprint.  If it sounds like the perfect "retreat" from the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life, that's because it simply is.  You can be by yourself here, and with God, in your personal retreat.

There are others like you, as well. Most of us, not all, are nearby suburban homeowners, others live distances away.  We're dedicated to preserving our Gospel mission, but we also enjoy the quiet solace of history as we visit our cottages, congregate with other cottagers and socialize with fellow Christians.  Everyone is known by their first name. We are owners of something truly unique, where you can stand still and actually feel the quiet envelop you, as you take a peaceful stroll down our paths at twilight.  

We're also looking for the next generation to lead us.  Families with children and grandchildren; those who want their families to experience trust with others and Christian fellowship with their neighbors. We're anxious to meet people with goals and a direction to further our Gospel mission.

We warmly welcome Christians whom we sincerely believe will actively support our campmeeting in the future. 

Please contact me about buying a cottage

Feel free to download this form on our stationary in Adobe Acrobat by clicking here.   Send the completed form to Chester Heights Camp Meeting, PO Box 78, Chester Heights, PA 19017.   If you have any questions, you may contact our real estate secretary, Jerry Trolio at

We welcome you to complete this brief, initial form if you understand and agree to the items below.  We will review it, then send you instructions and a formal application to become a member of our association and be eligible to purchase a cottage.   We prefer that you "try us out" for a while, by attending our concerts and revival, helping us out on a Saturday workday, or attending a potluck dinner, so you can meet the other cottagers who contribute to our campmeeting and enjoy their fellowship. It's important that you are comfortable with us, and that we can witness your sincere interest in our campmeeting.  We are a community of friendly Christians, with a higher calling.

  • You must be an active member of a Christian church and a letter of reference from the pastor of your church is required.

  • You must agree to be interviewed by our committee, which reviews new cottager applications. 

  • You must agree to supporting camp meeting, by regularly attending concerts, events and some seasonal workdays to help maintain  camp meeting  grounds  & buildings.

  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted.

  • These are seasonal cottages; you may stay in them overnight only from April through October.  You may not claim your cottage as your primary residence. By law, it is referred to as a "recreational cabin."

  • Campmeeting now provides community bath & shower facilities. We intend to install a community septic system and connect water & sewer to each cottage in the future.

  • Most cottages are 100 years old & will require a financial investment to fix them up, and to regularly maintain the grounds surrounding your cottage.

  • You will be purchasing the cottage only, but not the real estate on which the cottage is located.   The campmeeting association owns all the real estate, and you will be a full member of the association, with a vote. 

  • An annual assessment fee for all cottages is set each year by a vote at our annual membership meeting.  All cottage owners are members and have a voice and one vote per cottage.

If you agree to the above, please complete the brief form below, and we'll send you our formal application.

Please feel free to contact our Real Estate Director, Gary, or our President, Pat, with any questions, comments or concerns.  They'll be happy to answer them for you.

Jerry Trolio, Real Estate Director - (302) 475-6602 or

 Campmeeting President : Jeanne Shambo or



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